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Date: 20th June 2016
Water Swivel For Drill Rig
Water swivel?Water swivel is also called water feederIt is the necessary tools to supply water or wind after the drilling machine and drill rod connected.?Our water swivel is reasonable designed and adopts high wear-resisting seals,Website:, which guarantee that the water swivel will not leak and can bear high pressure. Besides, the metal support, which will be maintained for free life, guarantees the smooth operation and long working life of the water swivel.?Types: front drive type and back slave type. Users could choose according to the type of drilling machine and drill rod.Water swivel is also called water feederNo.Specifications and size mmLoad formApplicationThread typeODlength1M12?1.7542210Front driveOrdinary electric coal drill2M12 1/242210Front driveOrdinary electric coal drill3M14?1.542210Front driveOrdinary electric coal drill4M14?242210Front driveOrdinary electric coal drill5M16?1.542210Front driveOrdinary electric coal drill6M18?1.542210Front driveOrdinary electric coal drill7F13?8542220Front driveHand-held pneumatic drilling machine8F14?5542220Front driveHand-held pneumatic drilling machine9F18?8542220Front driveHand-held pneumatic drilling machine10F24?8555220Front driveHand-held pneumatic drilling machine11R18/4.23350200Front driveHydraulic tunnel drill12R18/4.23364300Front driveHydraulic tunnel drill13R18/5.0865250Front driveHydraulic tunnel drill14R1 10/5.0875350Front driveHydraulic tunnel drill ? ?
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