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Date: 20th June 2016
Truck-mounted Drilling Rig
Truck Mounted drilling rigXYC-3 model truck-mounted drilling rig is truck-mounted and multi-functional hydraulic rotary drilling rig.The truck chassis is adopt of brand "FAW JIEFANG",Website:, the main transmit and main winch and minor winch, mud pump, mast are setup on the chassis.?The machine is equipped with BW-250 mud pump. It?s triplex mud pump. Have high pressure and large discharge, it?s adapt to the big diameter and depth hole?s drilling.The main machine equipped with shift device, fore-and-aft movement by itself, convenient for operate.?Main winch and minor winch drive by hydraulic system, they are installed on the main drilling machine. Compact in frame. It?s adapted to the wire line coring drilling.?The machine is mainly used for water well, wire-line coring drilling, geothermic well, general investigation and exploration. Road and tall building groundsill exploration and other foundation working.Drilling depthm100250300600Drilling diametermm30020015075Open hole diametermm300End hole diametermm75Drilling rodmm?60Drilling angle90?-65?Rotary Spindle Spindle forward speedr/min57-1024Spindle reverse speedr/min45-212Spindle strokemm560Spindle inner diametermm96Spindle lifting capacityKG6000Main Winch (drive hydraulic system) Single line lifting speedm/s0.515 0.894 1.421 1.948Hug floodgate belt widthmm90Tightrope diametermm14Hoist single line lifting capacityKG4500Roller diametermm200Roller cubic measurem30Minor Winch ( drive hydraulic system) Roller diametermm140Wire rope diametermm6Capacity rollerm450Mud pump Horizontal Triplex BW-250 mud pumpDisplacementL/min250Work pressurekg/c?80kg/cm?Water inlet calibermm75Water to exit calibermm50Gear Oil pump Duplex gear oil pump F532/F314Front displacement?pressure50L/min 20MpaBehind displacement?pressure16L/min 20MpaDrilling rig Power Diesel engineHp4105 50HPElectric motorKWY180L-4 22KWTruck chassis ModelCA1083K28L4ADrive form4?2Engine of truckNoCA4DF3-13E3Displacement / power4752mL/96KwDischargeGB3847-2005Weight complete machineKG9550Moved size (L?W?H)mm9500?2500?3540Working size (L?W?H)mm7700?2500?10500Transport size (L?W?H)mm
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