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Date: 20th June 2016
The New Type Coal Drill Pipe
NOSpecification(mm)TorqueConnectionScrew diaTube ? ?diaLengthconnector1?26?16500-3000M16*1.5100-150Thread2?28?16-18500-3000F12/M18*1.5100-150Foursquare ? ? ?Thread3?30?16-18500-3000F12/M18*1.5100-150Foursquare ? ? ?Thread4?32?18-22500-3000F12/M16*1.5100-250Foursquare ? ? ?Thread5?38?21-22500-3000F14/Tr16100-350Foursquare ? ? ?Thread6?40?21-22500-3000F14/Tr16100-350Foursquare ? ? ?Thread7?42?21-22500-3000F14/Tr16100-350Foursquare ? ? ?Thread8?45?25-27500-3000F18/Tr16100-450Foursquare ? ? ?Thread9?55?25-27500-3000F18/Tr16100-450Foursquare ? ? ?Thread10?65?25-27500-3000F24/Tr16100-450Foursquare ? ? ?ThreadNote: We also can produce and design as per clients? drawings/samples/requirements.On the basis of ?original vintage twist coal drill pipe,Website:, the high quality steel and T type steel welded structure, the advanced prestressed winding welding manufacturing process and model coal drill pipe. New coal drill pipe has the advantages of ?light weight (45% lighter than the old twist drill pipe), footage quickly, ?small dust, vertical drilling down without leaving the cuttings, pore forming ?analysis. The new coal drill rod and the drill head can be separated using the ?tail, prolong the life. Spring pin or screw connection, convenient and quick. ?The new coal drill pipe is divided into single screw blade, double helical ?blade and water type and dry type.
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