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Date: 20th June 2016
PDC Non-coring Bit
PDC no coring drill bit?Application:?Used in geological exploration drilling holes,Website:, gas drainage hole, grouting hole drilling, suitable for easy paste viscosity of soft rock.?Features:?1. Big hole design, chip space is big, high drilling efficiency in soft rock.?2. Cutting free surface, sharp blade, with self-sharpening feature, high drilling efficiency.?3. High resistance to wear.?4. According to stratum characteristics, selecting different drilling and surface structure, bit strong adaptability.Specification diameter(mm)SizeCutting WingsWater HoleThreadingAdapt to the rockDia(mm)Height(mm)BladePCD QuantityQuantityBore diameter565678363-56Square buckle; ?Conical clasp; Padlock claspF?6 Soft rock, coal of drilling and grouting6060125373-567575150393-58-1694941703103-58--161131131954123-510-201331332204163-510-205. High effective utilization rate of drilling time and auxiliary time is short, effectively reduce the labor intensity of workers and good comprehensive benefits. ?Technical Parameters: Ps: Special design is available upon your requirement
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