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Date: 20th June 2016
High Efficiency Spiral Drill Pipe
No.Spiral diameterDiameterJointTorqueDepthMatching rigBit diameter1?28mm?18mmF12 M16150-200N.m1-10m? ?ZQSJ-50/1.6?? ?ZQSJ-65/2.5?? ?ZQSJ-90/2.4?? ?ZQSJ-100/2.5?? ?ZQSJ-140/4.1?? ?ZQSJ-160/4.6? ? ZDY-1200 ? ?? ? ZDY-1500 ??? ? ZDY-1900?? ? ZDY-4000?43mm2?30mm?18mmF12 M18150-200N.m1-15m?43mm3?38mm?21mmF14 Tr16150-350N.m5-30m?43mm4?40mm?22mmF14 Tr16150-350N.m5-30m?43mm5?67mm?27mmF18 F24250-350N.m10-120m?76mm6?69mm?27mmF18 F24250-350N.m10-120m?76mm7?72mm?32mmF24 F26350-450N.m50-120m?82,Website:,84mm8?75mm?34mmF24 F26350-450N.m50-120m?89,94mm9?89mm?50mmF24 F32350-450N.m50-150m? ? ZDY-1200?? ? ZDY-1500? ? ZDY-1900?? ? ZDY-4000?110mm10?98mm?73mmB41 B4510KN.m-12KN.m100-300m?110,120mm11?100mm?60mmB41 B458KN.m-12KN.m100-220m?113,125mm12?113mm?73mmB41 B458KN.m-12KN.m100-300m?133,146mmHigh efficient spiral drill pipe is in a square or hexagonal were connected from head to tail, the spring pin automatic lock together or semicircle pin, straight bolt, U type pin, oblong wedge pin is connected with the positioning, you can quickly connect the spiral drill pipe. Connecting convenient, with the characteristics of light weight, high flexibility, not easy to bend, compared with other drill pipe, has the advantages of easy operation, high speed of drilling, so called the efficient screw drill pipe. Efficient spiral drill pipe widely used in drilling in the coal seam and near coal seam geological conditions, the coal mine to explore the water and gas drainage borehole construction, can also be used for anchorage, drilling, construction and other fields of geophysical prospecting and construction of water conservancy projects, water type and the barrier of water-saving.?
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