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Date: 20th June 2016
DTH Drill Pipe With API REG Thread
DTH Drill Pipe??DTH drill pipes are widely used in mining,Website:,water well drilling,geothermal,oil and all kinds of DTH rock drilling,with high quality low carbon steel to ensure good resistance to strengthen and tensile,friction welded to ensure the adapter and pipe connect tightly as a whole set the cyclic extrusion-compression ensure reliable pipe ? ?Specification:(2")50mm ? DTH drill pipe ?with ?API 2 3/8 REG 1000-3000m length?60mm ? DTH drill pipe ?with ?API 2 3/8 REG 1000-3000m length(3")76mm ? DTH drill pipe ?with ?API 2 3/8 REG 1500-3000m length(3 1/2")89mm ? DTH drill pipe ?with ?NC26( API 2 3/8 REG) 1500-3000m length(4")102mm ? DTH drill pipe ?with ?NC31( API 2 7/8 REG) 1500-6000m length(4 1/4")108mm ? DTH drill pipe ?with ?NC31( API 2 7/8 REG) 1500-6000m length(4 1/2")114mm ? DTH drill pipe ?with ?NC31( API 2 7/8 REG)or NC35 1500-6000m length(5")127mm ? DTH drill pipe ?with ?NC38( API 3 1/2 IF) 1500-6000m lengthNo.Specifications (mm)CraftConnection typeDiameterLengthThread type1501000-3000API 2 3/8 REGFriction weldingBox/pin2601000-3000API 2 3/8 REGFriction weldingBox/pin3761500-3000API 2 3/8 REGFriction weldingBox/pin4891500-3000NC26(2 3/8 IF)Friction weldingBox/pin51021500-6000NC31 (2 7/8 IF)Friction weldingBox/pin61081500-6000NC31 (2 7/8 IF)Friction weldingBox/pin71141500-6000NC31 (2 7/8 IF)or NC35Friction weldingBox/pin81271500-6000NC38(3 1/2 IF)Friction weldingBox/pin
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