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Date: 20th June 2016
BQ Diamond Core Drill Bit
BQ Impregnated Diamond Core Drill Bits for hard rock?The impregnated diamond bits are the most commonly useful bits in the mineral exploration industry,Website:, as they have the widest range of application. The carefully selected grades of high quality synthetic diamond are distributed in the depth of impregnated bit's matrix series. The matrix layer of the ZM contains a uniform distribution of these crystals that are embedded in a powdered metal bond.?Our impregnated bits are manufactured to give optimum penetration rates and bit life, which is required to keep the cost of diamond drilling to a minimum.?Size Available as followings:?AQ, BQ, NQ, HQ, PQ/AQTK, BQTK, BQ3, NQ2, NQ3, NQTT, HQ3, HQTT, PQ3, PQTT?T2 series: T2 46, T2 56, T2 66, T2 76, T2 86, T2 101?T6 series: T6 76, T6 86, T6 101, T6 116, T6 131T series: T36, T46, T56, T66, T76, T86?Matrix hardnessAbrasiveness of matrixSuitable drilling formationGradeHRCExtra soft10-20LowSuitable for drilling extra-hard, compact and weak-abrasive formationSoft20-30Low, mediumSuitable for drilling extra-hard,compact and ?weak-abrasive formation, extra-hard and medium-abrasive formationMedium-soft30-35Low, mediumSuitable for drilling hard and weak-abrasive formation, hard and medium-abrasive formationMedium-hard35-40Medium-highSuitable for drilling hard and ?medium-abrasive formation, medium-hard and medium-abrasive formationHard40-45HighSuitable for drilling hard and strong abrasive formationOutside Set Diameterlnside Set DiameterCore BarrelMaximumMinimumMaximumMinimumSpecificationlnchesmmlnchesmmlnchesmmlnchesmmAQ1.8847.751.8747.51.60727.11.05726.85BQ2.3559.692.3459.441.4381.42836.5236.27NQ2.9775.442.9675.191.8847.751.8747.5HQ3.7795.763.75595.382.50563.632.49563.38PQ4.815122.34.795121.83.3585.093.3484.84T2-1013.981101.123.971100.83.383.823.2983.57T6-1013.981101.123.971100.83.11579.123.10578.87
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