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Date: 20th June 2016
Description?Prestressed concrete used in the permanent ?anchoring device is in post-tensioned structures or components,Website:, in order to ?maintain the tension tendons and passes it to the inside of concrete anchoring ?tool, also known as Anchorage.Classification of anchorage?(1)Round anchorage specifications expressed ?as: YJM15-N or YJM13-N; This type of anchor has a good self-anchored ?properties. Tension generally use feedthrough jack.(2)Flat anchorage Specification expressed ?as: BJM15-N or BJM13-N (B, flat anchor Pinyin first letter, on behalf of flat ?anchorage means); flat type is mainly used for deck transverse prestressing ?anchor, hollow plate low altitude Box, so that the stress distribution is more uniform and reasonable further thinning structure thickness.(3)Bond-type anchor (fixed end anchorage) ?specification model is expressed as: JYM15-N or JYM13-N; applies to member end ?fabric design stress greater or end space is limited situations, it uses an ?extruder extrusion sleeve pressure on the knot in a strand bond-type anchor, it ?is embedded in the concrete, arranged according to need, to the design strength ?of concrete after solidification, during tensioning.
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